“Celebrating our Marvellous Alumni” – Balwyn High School

Dear BHS Alumni

Our determination to shine a spotlight on our marvellous alumni throughout 2023 has resulted in your amazing stories that we have shared with the BHS and wider communities.  Thank you for allowing us to do so and thank you for inspiring our students with your careers and achievements.

As a way of recording our stories we have created a Semester One poster which we are sharing to our social media.

It has come up a treat and I wanted you to have a copy.

Thank you again.

Deborah Harman
Balwyn High School

Balwyn High School’s celebration of IDAHOBIT 2023 recognises Class of ’86 graduate Michael Barnett

Thirty-seven years ago I graduated from Balwyn High School’s Year 12 class of 1986. I left the school with mixed memories.

On the one hand I came away with a fine appreciation for maths and science, made a lifelong friend, and passed my HSC with decent results that got me into college.

On the other hand I had been the victim of homophobic bullying and torment throughout my time there, and suffered greatly as a result of it, and of my fear of being gay. The school had no support for gay students, at least that I was aware of. It was a topic that simply wasn’t spoken about.

I am thrilled beyond belief to find that in 2023 my alma mater not only supports gay students but is committed to providing a safe, nourishing and inclusive space for all LGBTQI+ students.

When invited to submit a contribution for their Lion newsletter on the occasion of receiving my Order of Australia, I had no idea it would be intentionally included to time with IDAHOBIT Day on May 17.

Students at Balwyn High are most fortunate to have a school environment that values diversity, particularly under the leadership of Principal Deborah Harman.

Thank you Balwyn High School.

Our Alumni Spotlights continue – Malcolm Speed AO and Michael Barnett OAM

This week we feature international sporting administrator, Malcolm Speed, who was inducted into the Sport Hall of Achievement in 2012, and Michael Barnett, who was recently awarded an OAM in the New Year’s Honours List. The spotlight on Michael deliberately coincides with this week’s celebrations for IDAHOBIT Day that we marked on Wednesday.

Both Malcolm and Michael are marvellous ambassadors for our school community, and we congratulate them for the impact they have made in their careers. I hope you enjoy reading their stories.

Deborah Harman | Principal

(The Lion – Edition 7 – May 18 2023)

(See pages 2, 6 and 18-19 in this edition of The Lion)



Order of Australia – media coverage

NameMr Michael Nathan BARNETT
AwardMedal of the Order of Australia
Date Granted26th of January, 2023
CitationFor service to the LGBTQI community.

January 25 2023

January 26 2023

February 8 2023

March 13 2023

March 25 2023

Macca and Dave are joined live in the studio by Michael Barnett, co-convenor of the Victoria-based LGBTIQ+ Jewish advocacy group Aleph Melbourne, as they discuss his recent Order of Australia Medal.

Lyle Shelton bullshits the Queensland Human Rights Commission

According to Lyle Shelton’s personal website he made a representation to the Queensland Human Rights Commission today:

I’ve just finished in the compulsory Queensland Human Rights Commission conciliation with two LGBTIQA+ drag queens, relating to a post on my blog last January. The complaint did not resolve and I now have an anxious wait to see if I am to be taken to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for the matter to be heard before a judge. The complainants have 28 days in which to lodge this action or it lapses. Thanks to everyone who has been praying, I will keep you updated as further news comes to hand. Below is the opening statement I made at the QHRC this morning.


He goes on to state:

I consider myself somewhat battle hardened. My office was bombed by a LGBTIQA+ political activist in 2016 causing shock and trauma to me and my staff (as well as $100,000 of damage to our building). After this another same-sex marriage activist by the name of Michael Barnet put my home address on the internet as a way of intimidating me and my family.

True to form Lyle Shelton has distorted reality.

It is completely without substance that my actions were “a way of intimidating [him] and [his] family”.

I refute his damaging fabrication totally.

I note that Dave Pellowe at “Self-Sauce: where our cum shots get us in the eye every time” has republished Lyle’s utter load of crap on his “free speech” site (the one where I am banned from commenting).

Just fuck off, Lyle. Fuck right off.

Lyle Shelton tells a little fib about me (well, not so little…)

Today Lyle Shelton told a little fib about me. To be honest, it isn’t quite so little a fib. It’s more of a glaringly outrageous, Mardi Gras-scale besequinned, bare-buttocked leather-chapped, Dyke-on-Bike bare-breasted, buff muscled, ripped and toned type of untruth.

“No way!” I hear you all cry, in stunned bewilderment and flabbergastrication. “Not Daddy Lyle, the most honest, most righteous soldier of Christian godliness”. “Not that man who tried to derail the right of same-sex couples to get married, because seriously, we know Jesus was a friend of the oppressed and would have loved a Big Gay Wedding, and that’s not our Lyle!!!!!”.

I Kid You Not. Yes, that Lyle. The #ESL 🌈 warrior one.

To elaborate, this is what he had to say about me in the latest blog on his site (with one spelling mistake uncorrected):

I have a supressed address for safety reasons after my office was bombed by a same-sex marriage activist in 2016.  Following that incident, a prominent rainbow political activist, Michael Barnett, placed my home address on the internet to intimidate me and my family.


I’m hurt. Not like when you see your first grey pubic hair, or when you realise your hairline isn’t quite what it once used to be. Not that sort of hurt. More like the hurt you experience when someone makes up a complete lie about you, publishes it online and then claims to be an upholder of religious values that include not telling lies about others.

I wrote about the time Lyle Shelton tried to set the cops on me in 2017. I urge you to read about it, as it might help you understand the sort of person Lyle Shelton is, in all of his “integrity”, “honour” and “decency”.

How we stay together: ‘There’s that love and tenderness and affection no matter what’ | The Guardian

How we stay together: ‘There’s that love and tenderness and affection no matter what’ | The Guardian