Ilana Leeds, a victim of Jewish religious brainwashing

Ilana Leeds posted a hateful comment on Galus Australis. She is a narrow-minded bigot who contributes to the high rate of youth suicide.


Ilana Leeds posted a hateful comment on Galus Australis:

1. Same sex marriage – I do not particularly (along with a few others) like having homosexuality presented to me as ‘normal’. It is not and while I do not advocate discrimination against people who are practicing homosexuals, I think if they want marriage and all the other things that go with it,(Like the adoption of children) they need to give up their deviant practices and return to a heterosexual lifestyle and put themselves in order. Children deserve to have a normal family situation as far as possible.

Ilana Leeds believes her god demands she say this because she’s been brainwashed to believe it.

Ilana Leeds is a narrow-minded bigot whose attitudes and beliefs contribute to the high rate of youth suicide.

Her partner in crime Shoshana Silcove is just as shameful.

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  1. Ilana Leeds is a single mother who had a child through invitro fertilization outside of marriage…most people in her religious community would consider her dysfunctional!!!

  2. B’H

    Actually no, Mikey sadly it is you who are ignorant and also the one spewing out the hate speeches. I really have nothing more to say to you as you choose what to publish and work at defaming people who would normally be quite sympathetic to your plight and therefore I feel this discussion is quite pointless.
    Chag smeach and look up what a succa actually is a metaphor for and in this time of succot whast the four kinds represent and be a little ashamed of what you have done.

  3. Ilana: I am unsure of all the Point of views that you have posted are in any form sympathetic and I understand that you are not alone in the views that you hold. This doesn’t mean that your comments are correct or justifiable.
    Judge however you like, but understand that your opinion will cause others harm. Any educated person or person with any sort of passion for life without prejudice understands this. Your comments however offensive they may be, give a clear indication that in this modern day, we are still behind the times in relation to the direction that we should be heading in.
    The fact that you are clearly discriminative towards other humans shows you to only be in the Stone Age with the “me man, you woman” mentality.
    How would you as a woman feel if the world was still having you chained to the kitchen sink? Only good for cooking, cleaning and child bearing. No rights like voting, or in your instance writing a book? Would this be an acceptable view to have in your eyes? If it is not, and you feel that this right you have as a woman to be treated as an equal, why should homosexuals be any different?
    Discrimination is discrimination, regardless of the issue or context that it is being used in.
    What the GLBT community is after is the same rights that they have helped create for heterosexuals. And regardless of what you say, yes they have helped create the environment that you now enjoy.
    Also note, that if you feel you have the right to promote your own opinion, then please do not be so shocked when you get a reaction. Although I understand that you knew that you would receive a negative response when you were posting your venomous verbal dribble.

  4. B’H
    Actually I was very married at the time and the irony of all this is that ‘gays and unmarried people’ use invitro fertilization all the time. So I guess it takes one dysfunctional to know another hummm(?)
    Interesting but my comment will not get published because all Mikey bear is interested in is slander and defamation.

    1. Ilana, your ignorance and arrogance knows no bounds. IVF has only been legal for same-sex couples in Victoria since January 1 2010(SOURCE).

      The only dysfunctional person here is you while you maintain gays are deviant and not normal.

      For an educator you are especially uneducated.

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