Jewish Community Council of Victoria proud friends of evil Catholic Church

Richard Dawkins spoke out on the visit of the Pope to the UK.

The Pope personifies evil.

The Catholic Church he represents is the ultimate organisation of evil in existence.

And the Jewish Community Council of Victoria prides itself on its association with the Catholic Church [JCCV media release].

The people of the Jewish community deserve better.

One thought on “Jewish Community Council of Victoria proud friends of evil Catholic Church”

  1. “Ultimate organisation of evil in existence”?
    Michael, I think you are inviting the obvious rebuttal – that Israel is a greater evil for their persecution of Palestinians – the Catholic Church does not run massive concentration camps and its practice of apartheid is far less severe. Much as I think the Catholic Church is evil, on the basis of persecution and harm executed per member, there must be a large number of organisations including states that are more evil – most of the states of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Take Uganda, Iran, North Korea and China as examples.

    When it comes to religion, the Catholics are not even fundamentalists and are relatively up with the times. There is a lot more evil in other religions particularly those who have cultural superiority and church-by-law as part of their doctrine.

    fundamentalist atheist

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