Yaron Gottleib on the Secular Party of Australia


Here I was thinking Yaron Gottleib was going to do an intelligent and critical analysis of the Secular Party of Australia on the “Sensible Jew” blog.  Alas I was totally misguided in that thought.

His “critique” sounds more like the wailings of a petulant child who didn’t get his way.  Read his tripe and feel free to comment on the blog, if you can be bothered.


One thought on “Yaron Gottleib on the Secular Party of Australia”

  1. The “sensible Jew” is anything but and it is really quite pathetic to read such drivel in 2010! One would hope for something more enlightened, but I suppose those who still believe in this strange male “god” being in charge of everything in the world around us are to be pitied.

    What is difficult to interpret is how this same male spirit can be Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

    It does rather stretch the imagination!

    A poster at one of the same-sex marriage demos said something about Jesus having two dads! and that just about says it all!!

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