Brutal Oxford Street Attacks on Jewish gay man


This news of a brutal attack on Simon Margan, a Jewish gay man in Sydney, is extremely disturbing.  Whilst there does not yet appear to be any indication Simon was brutally attacked because he was Jewish, there appears to be strong evidence he was attacked because he was gay.  Despite that, there needs to be support from the Jewish community to say that it is unacceptable for any member of the Jewish community to be subjected to vicious hate attacks, especially if they are motivated by homophobic intolerance.

There has been no visible support from the Australian Jewish community to date on this matter, specifically addressing homophobic intolerance and violence.  This situation is now critical and there must be strong, visible support from the entire Australian Jewish community that hate crime and intolerance based on sexual orientation is unacceptable.  There must also be a strong message that any intolerance of a person based on their sexual orientation is completely unacceptable.

I call on the leaders of the Australian Jewish community to take an immediate and effective stand.

I hope to see a media statement from the Jewish community issued before the end of this week.

Michael Barnett.

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From: Roy Freeman
Date: 12 August 2010 14:35
Subject: [Dayenu] Oxford Street Attacks
To: Dayenu Yahoo

I just wanted to share with you news of this disturbing unprovoked attack that took place on Oxford Street on Monday evening. Gay-rights activist and Dayenu member, Simon Margan, was attacked along with 5 other people before the assailant was caught. Simon was kicked in the eye, which shattered his eye socket. He will have to have plastic surgery as a result.

If you were around Oxford Street on Monday evening and witnessed any of these attacks, please contact Surry Hills police.


4 thoughts on “Brutal Oxford Street Attacks on Jewish gay man”

  1. Really disturbing news. Especially as I used to live on Oxford Street. Hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice, and a speedy recovery to all who are injured.

  2. Hi

    Just wanted to clarify that although Simon is a Dayenu member, he isn’t Jewish himself. He is, however, very supportive of the Jewish GLBT community and is involved with ILGA (the International GLBT Association).

    I wish him a speedy recovery from his injuries.

    1. Thanks for the clarification Roy. Simon’s hard work as a human rights / gay activist is outstanding and his support for GLBT Jews is just as commendable. I hope he makes a full recovery and his attacker is brought to swift justice.

  3. This attack is absolutely horrifying. There are reports coming regularly about assaults and bashings along a street that used to be a comparatively safe haven for members of our communities.
    It seems that the changing nature of the strip is partly responsible for the ongoing bashings, because so many of the businesses no longer cater for the gay, lesbian, transgender and HIV communities, and safety and security have vanished with these changes.
    We hope that the person caught for these brutalities is meted out the full punishment the courts allow if he is the one guilty of this ongoing homophobic brutality.
    We hope Simon and the others make full recoveries and the emotional damage is not long-lasting. Our best wishes to them all.
    Mannie De Saxe, Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, Melbourne

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