Cowen, Jarryd B and incivility.

Oh the irony.

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen writes to Jarryd B:

Dear Jarryd,
I appreciate your consideration of questions of decency of behaviour. The internet seems to invite, unfortunately, a level of incivility, which would not be there were people talking to each other face to face.

Jarryd B writes of Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen in a comment on this blog:

"He should be mocked and his bullshit called out."


2 thoughts on “Cowen, Jarryd B and incivility.”

  1. Not sure what point you are trying to make here. I’ve provided Cowen with links to my blog. He has read everything I have written. He knows I think his views are nonsense. We can still have a basic level of respect for one another.

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