How I got my latest 30-day Facebook ban

I scored another 30-day Facebook ban that served no purpose.

On July 14 Facebook rewarded me with another 30-day ban for posting this story and accompanying comment, which apparently breached their “Community Standards”.

20180714 Pink Apostates post gets me a 30 day ban on Facebook

I was not actually told which part of my post breached their standards, so am unclear about what I shouldn’t write in future.

These insane 30-day bans make no sense, and with no practical appeal process the entire exercise is a complete farce.

3 thoughts on “How I got my latest 30-day Facebook ban”

  1. The phrase you use “blast these homosexual abominations to smithereens” could have been interpreted as hate speech against homosexuals when I am sure that you were referring to men spreading hate against homosexuality.

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