3 thoughts on “Lyle Shelton’s departure from the Australian Christian Lobby’s board”

  1. I’m not that surprised Lyle Shelton’s stepping down for two reasons.

    One, he already announced that he’s going to be taking on the role of communications director for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives Party and he’s running as a candidate for NSW Senate for them at the next election. Undoubtably that’ll be taking up most of his time.

    Two, the ACL has become somewhat redundant. After all, most of its lobbying efforts over the last decade or so have been around Marriage Equality. The entity more or less existed to oppose Marriage Equality. And even in a contest largely on it’s terms, it ultimately lost that fight.

    Frankly I think the level of it’s political influence peaked during the Howard years and has been slowly declining since the Gillard administration.

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