Breaking: Christian lobby says gays should wear burkas

Jim Wallace wants to see gays plain-packaged, just like cigarettes.

(Kudos to BG for bringing this story to my attention)

Christian lobby calls for gays in plain packaging

September 6, 2012 – 8:50PM

Paul Oisborne And Lisa Martian


The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) says that homosexuals should cover themselves up in plain clothing to discourage young people from taking up same-sex behaviour.

ACL spokesman, Mr Jim Wallace, has defended his comments from earlier this week in which he said homosexuality was more dangerous than smoking, adding that “plain packaging should now apply to same-sex couples just as it does to cigarettes”.

“Many homosexuals wear alluring, bright and attractive clothes which some impressionable young people might be attracted to,” Mr Wallace said.

“Under the circumstances, I think a sensible health approach is for gays to cover themselves up in plain ways so as not to be a temptation.”

When asked if gays should simply wear burkas, Mr Wallace said he did not approve of full Islamic dress for homosexuals, unless they were in fact Muslim, but which he admitted would be unlikely.

“Look, all I’m saying is that cigarettes kill people and so do homosexuals. But I am not homophobic.”

Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Thursday withdrew from speaking at the ACL conference in Canberra on October 5 and 6, citing “offensive” comments about homosexuality made by Jim Wallace.

Ms Gillard had originally said that attending the conference did not mean that she endorsed all of the views being presented.

“I speak to many organisations around Australia and sometimes I support their views and sometimes I don’t, but I can never know which views I support and which I don’t until I am informed by Mr Joe de Bruyn,” she said.

Rainbow Labor, the GLBT support group within the ALP, immediately rushed to issue a media release congratulating Ms Gillard on withdrawing from the conference organised by the Religious Right.

When asked why the group did not condemn Ms Gillard for giving legitimacy to the ACL and its conference by agreeing to attend in the first place, Rainbow Labor spokesperson, Mr Con Distraction, said “oh look, there’s an aeroplane!”

9 thoughts on “Breaking: Christian lobby says gays should wear burkas”

      1. Oh. Well, can you really blame me for thinking that’s real? In the United States, the religious reich are so out-of-touch, a number of sane people have a hard time determining whether the headlines of posts about them were from a real newspaper or from The Onion (a satirical newspaper).

  1. God forbid. Church leading the state with lies , oppression, persecution, prosecution. One has to look at the countries
    that allowed church to rule nothing but all the above virtues are trotted out. Murder & hate in the name of God. Those pretend
    leaders presumptiously have a direct line to God who instead of love
    & compassion tells them to hate anybody different to themselves. View the cause of hatred that murdered humanity in the name of God. It was religious hatred. I do not think these selfrighteous lot
    believe in God who created diversity universaly & somehow did not ttake advice from the likes of Wallace & the like hatemongers.
    Beware your sins will find you out!!!!!!!

  2. hehehe when Beazley addressed the ACL I was part of a queer activist group in Brisbane.

    When I expressed my disgust at the great pudding talking to these extremists the regulation Rainbow Labor Lesbian™ did indeed try everything except shouting ‘Squirrels!’ to distract from her dear leader’s foolishness. Glad to see they haven’t changed!

    Later that year, with another Jeff, I infiltrated the ‘Family Forum’ held at UQ by another christian hate group -albeit a veiled one, the ‘Australian Family Association’.

    After the Mormon entertainer (seriously!) finished and the Governor -General (Major Jeffries) started talking about kids needing a mother and father we got up, walked to the front and unfurled a banner reading ‘Invent your own family’ and we kissed.

    The collective intake of breath from 500 fundamentalists was almost enough to pull us across the room.

    They’ve never come back to Brisbane…

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