George Christensen, Marriage Equality, Mental Health and Mackay

George Christensen replied to my letter asking him to rethink his position on marriage equality. Whilst not as forthcoming as I was hoping, his response was somewhat helpful.

A response from George Christensen to my letter from yesterday arrived first thing this morning.  He kindly suggested I check out his speeches, which I did, and found two that were relevant:

On the latter I found this comment:

# Jennifer Emmett
Friday, 21 October 2011 3:25 PM

George, I am a person in your electorate (you personally know me) and I am a real person who supported the GetUP campaign for Same Sex Marriage and I personally know many other people who are in your electorate who also supported the GetUp campaign and who support same sex marriage.
I believe your argument is nothing but discrimination and it breaks my heart that my country continues to treat me like a second class citizen because of my sexuality.
You want to help reduce suicide? Stop sending the message to gay people that they are second class Australians it’s killing us.

Fortuitously Jennifer has an interest in mental health welfare of the people in Mackay:

2009 – 2011 Chairperson

Mackay Regional Mental Health Network
I joined the network in 2008 and became the chairperson in 2009.
Meeting Facilitation and leadership
Media Representation
Establishment of positions description
Development of online information and discussion site
Produced logo and flyers

I’ve reached out to Jennifer and hope she’s interested in continuing the dialog.

Thank you for your assistance George.

From: Christensen, George (MP) <>
Date: 5 September 2012 09:52
To: “” <>

Dear Mr Barnett

Thanks for your email.

I am hoping that you will be able to understand my support for marriage between one man and one woman by reading some of my other speeches to Parliament on this topic.  They can be found on my website;

While I do not agree with your views on this, thanks for taking the time to send them through.  I would suggest that you contact your local federal member so that he/she can represent your views in Parliament.

Yours faithfully,

George Christensen MP

Federal Member for Dawson

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