Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen – Monash University alumnus

The homophobic bigot Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen is an alumnus of Monash University.


Name:Shimon Cowen, PhD
Title:Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization
Position:Con Two-State Solution to the question “What are the solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Reasoning:“There is no legal principle which can accord ownership or statehood in the biblically defined land of Israel to a people other than the Jewish people. In this it differs from all other nations which by differing criteria could establish jurisdiction over territories. None of these formal or pragmatic rules apply to the Jewish people’s relationship to the land of Israel. For the land of Israel is different in its essence from every other land, and pertains by virtue of its essence to the Jewish people. It is a Jewish land.””The Arab-Israeli Conflict – Part II,” Journal of Judaism and Civilization, 1999
Theoretical Expertise Ranking: Experts
Members of Congress, Ambassadors, Counsul Generals, heads of government, heads of major government organizations, members of legislative bodies, and PhD’s with significant involvement in, or related to, the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. [Note: Experts definition varies by site.]
Involvement and Affiliations:– Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization, 1998 – present
– Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization, Monash University
– Programme Director, Kollel Menachem Lubavitch (Melbourne, Australia)
– Editor of three publications, the Journal of Judaism and CivilizationMonographs in Judaism and Civilization, and the Bulletin in the Noahide Laws
Education:– PhD, Social Philosophy, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia)
– Rabbinic ordination in the Kollel Menachem Lubavitch, Melbourne
Contact Info:Phone: 61-3-9527 5902 (Australia)
Fax: 61-3-9527 5902
E-Mail: admin@ijc.com.au
Website: www.ijc.com.au
Select Publications:– “The Noahide Laws, Israel and Peace,” Bulletin in the Noahide Laws, Mar. – Apr., 2009
– “Israel: State and Religion – Part I & II, a Discussion,” Journal of Judaism and Civilization, 1999
Other:None found
Quoted in:1. Is Judaism compatible with the concept of the separation of religion and state?

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  1. Racial and religious supremacy
    Supremacy of the ancient over the elightened science-based civilisation
    Supremacy of one small land mass over the rest of the Earth.
    Jewish not Israeli state
    And he lectures on civilisation?

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