Orthodox rabbis champion homosexual acceptance and same-sex marriage


Our friends over at AJN Watch have published a delightfully accepting and heart-warming piece about homosexuality and marriage equality.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Please thank them for their care and concern.

PS.  If the link above is broken, try this backup PDF version.

One thought on “Orthodox rabbis champion homosexual acceptance and same-sex marriage”

  1. Part of one of the messages reads:
    “(Can anyone explain why the other rabbis and Orthodox organisations, eg, COSV, RCV, ORA the Melb and Sydney Beth Dins are so passive and relaxed about this Chazerai?)”

    Is it perhaps because they have entered the 21st Century with eyes wide open? Is it because they have left behind the primitive attitudes of the dark ages? Is it because they accept that we are all created in the God’s image? Is it because discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism have now place in Judaism – or any religion and culture?
    Probably all of the above.
    An amusing side issue is that these holier-than-thou religious observers live their lives in the Australian diaspora, totally ignoring the religious injunction to live in Israel. Clearly, they are very choosy as to which injunctions they observe, and which they conveniently ignore.
    Jonathan Danilowitz, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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