Conjugating Jew


Best check with the Jewish grammaticists over at Galus Australis.  They seem to be authorities on the use of the English language when it comes to sexual orientation.

Malki Rose:

The UN do not use the Torah to discriminate against GLBTs Gregory.
The UN have no belief in the Torah whatsoever, so please stop using the Torah and religion as your scapegoat for discrimination against GLBTs, it is inaccurate.


Malki, please refer to GLBT people as ‘GLBT people’ in future and not as ‘GLBTs’. We are people, just like you.

Anthony Frosh:


Despite your protest to Malki, I’ll still not mind if you call me a “Jew” rather than a “Jewish person”.



The word ‘Jew’ is a noun. The acronym ‘GLBT’ is commonly used as an adjective.

It would be a start if the people who defined themselves by excluding everyone else would accept some responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in.


Malki Rose:

You know many GLBT’s refer to themselves as ‘GLBT’s’. It just means gayS, lesbianS, bi-sexualS and transgenderS.
It something we do in English. Its called using a word in plural form.
Its quite silly that some people find plural forms to be so offensive.


One thought on “Conjugating Jew”

  1. I don’t think there is plural form for a word made as an acronym to artificially represent four different sexual stereotyped categories of peoples’ sexual orientation. For a plural you generally have more than one of a type of “noun thing” DO I have to be tedious, one orange, two oranges…The power of a noun is in what it describes when it is used. So if you said gays would you expect that also covered lesbians or transgender people. Sexuality can be ambigious, a wide range of human sexual behaviour, lumping everyone together as GLBT and yourself as a “straight person” Ha ha Thid is a good one, “One gay person” but “Two gay people” Collective group nouns and there are straight people. This way of thinking is discriminatory it is logically incorrect to artificially fit a wide variety of human behaviour into four discrete categories for the others and “straight” for yourself.

    Adjectives, I love them as well, mainly there are adjectives of: direction, time place and manner, so in using GLBT as an adjective to describe the persons sexual manner as the predominant factor you are looking at shows your preoccupation with sexuality. That is the bias.

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