“Emancipation from Religion” helps victims of child abuse

I received this invitation on Facebook from Chris Jones today.  He’s trying to make the world a better place.  It would be good if you helped him too.


Chris says, “Hi Michael, I manage a Liverpool based guitar band who are planning to release a single to coincide with the Pope’s visit to the UK.

The song is a comment on religion in the 21st Century and all profits from UK sales will be donated to a secular based charity that works with victims of child abuse (For example NAPAC).

The recording has already taken place. The final mix and mastering will take place next week. You can, however, listen to a rough mix of the song @ www.soundcloud.com/thegreatdivide

The song includes lines such as:

“Everyone has a God they don’t believe in, Your one true religion is another’s superstition”


“Shout it, sing it, shout it out loud, You don’t need a God in your life now”

If we can achieve our goal, and have a song with such lyrical content, on top of the UK charts, on the day the Pope returns to the Vatican, I am confident it would stimulate great debate and engage young people.

Similar to the Rage Against The Machine v X Factor Facebook campaign we are looking to target a specific date to download the single. Depending upon which artists are currently in the charts as little as 30,000 to 40,000 downloads could see the song reach number 1. Long gone are the days when an artist had to sell in excess of 100,000 records to reach the top 10.

I appreciate that the genre of our song will not suite everyone’s palate, but the vast majority of the general public did not download the track by Rage Against The Machine because they were appreciative of their song. The influence that both You Tube and Facebook can exert has already been proven, and I am confident it can be utilised to make this work.

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Please join the Facebook group entitled “Emancipation from Religion” and invite your friends to do the same.

Many thanks.


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