Monash University. Dr David Irving – Holocaust Denier. Incompatible.

Monash University believes it’s acceptable to have an association with an academic who likens homosexuality to incest and bestiality. Would it foster as good a friendship with a known Holocaust denier?


Monash University has issued the following statement regarding Dr David Irving:

Monash University is home to freedom of expression amongst our diverse staff and student population and encourages expert academic views, however Dr David Irving is not commenting on behalf of the University or the Faculty of Arts and the University does not endorse his comments. Monash University reiterates its respect for the dignity of all human beings, regardless of belief in the Holocaust.

They have further advised that Dr David Irving holds an adjunct/honorary role at the university, which entitles him to an email address and entry in the university’s staff directory.

Dr David Irving has expressed a number of vehemently and distressing racist and anti-semitic views as published on the Australian Supremacist Association web site.  These views were further substantiated by the mX newspaper in an interview they conducted with him.

Monash University begins their vision and long-term strategy with:

Monash is a university of progress and optimism.

and continues with:

The areas of focus outlined by Monash Futures include:

  • the ability to attract, recruit and retain the world’s best talent in both the academic and professional staff cohorts
  • ensuring we have the reputation to attract the best students – to make Monash their university of first choice

Dr David Irving is a person with virulent, historically incorrect and disproven views on the Holocaust.  If Monash is truly “a university of progress and optimism” then people with antisemitic, racist and nihilistic views toward the Holocaust are antithetical to this vision and have no place in the university’s ranks.

I contend that whilst Monash University continues the adjunct/honorary appointment of Dr Irving and whilst he has any opportunity to engage in any manner in the academic realm, through or on behalf of the university, Monash University are doing the greatest disservice to their students, their reputation, their vision and humanity as a whole.

I ask Monash University to make the continuance of Dr David Irving’s adjunct/honorary role conditional on him refraining from promulgating a nihilistic discourse on the Holocaust in any official and/or public capacity and to obtain from him a written assurance of this understanding.

If Monash University sincerely respects the dignity of all human beings, regardless of “racial purity”, they will ensure people with nihilistic attitudes toward the Holocaust have no voice on their campuses.

I suggest anyone who has a concern about the university’s ongoing association with Dr David Irving contact Professor Ed Byrne, Monash University Vice Chancellor and President directly.

If this scenario would outrage you, sign this petition.

4 thoughts on “Monash University. Dr David Irving – Holocaust Denier. Incompatible.”

  1. Monash are second rate they always have been to Melb Uni, small minded in many ways regarding ethics, very little philosophy and such non economic traditional arts courses. They also harboured another very biased academic Gary Bouma who supported the case against Catch the fire Ministry for vilifying Muslims.

    Gary Bouma stated that he wanted religion taught in all subjects. No joke and the Monash Ethics Committee is Feeble when it comes to ethics and research standards like supporting the labor party Brack’s paid simulator research to support and introducing drug driving. Academic reports for sale. Road research byi professor Olaf Drummer’s also supported drug testing drivers by contradicting his own previous research. Where the bucks flow, Monash will go.

    They always need a kick in the arse to acknowledge fruitcakes they foolishly employed

  2. Monash Uni both rabbi cowan and Dr irving have stated views that are against Australian Law and natural justice they must be dismissed now before any further harm comes to any person or to the University itself

  3. Monash University is named after Sir John Monash, whose mistress – they were never married – was Lizette Bentwitch, a first cousin of my grandmother.
    Lizette and her family were staunch zionists and would be appalled at a connection with the university and David Irving, to say nothing of the homophobic rabbi. Even John Monash would have been appalled that an institution named after him would give house room to such as Irving. But of course they have no shame! If dollars are involved nothing else matters!

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