“Taking out the Trash” by Galus Australis editors Ant Frosh & Rachel Sacks-Davis

On Facebook, Ant Frosh gloats about his wife Rachel Sacks-Davis “taking out the trash”; a not-so-nice euphemism for outing a person who claimed to be a member of the GLBT community that they didn’t believe was.  The person in question is a member of the GLBT community, as I have been advised by the person in question.

Ant Frosh’s public Facebook wall revealed this conversation:

Taking out the trash
Ant Frosh talks about his wife "taking out the trash"

Which refers to these two conversations on their blog (here and here):

Ant Frosh and Rachel Sacks-Davis out 'Akiva'
Ant Frosh and Rachel Sacks-Davis out 'Akiva'

Outing someone at the best of times is a deplorable act of cowardice.  Gloating about it and referring to them as trash is simply degrading and about a low as it gets.

A public apology to ‘Akiva’ is required.