Facebook’s hypocrisy when it comes to the word “dyke”.

You can have the word “dyke” in a page name on Facebook but don’t mention it.

There’s a story on ABC News about Facebook not coping with the word “dyke”:


There’s a page on Facebook called “Dykes on Bikes Melbourne“.

If you point out to Facebook that this page has the word Dyke in it, you’ll be in breach of the Facebook Community Standards:

Dykes on Bikes Melbourne

which will result in a block on posting for a 30-day period:

30 day ban

Seems more than a little hypocritical to allow the word “dyke” in a page on Facebook but not let people talk about it.

The Broiges Dyke

I saw my dear friend Alex Nissen at Pride March last Sunday.  She was overjoyed to catch up after having been in Israel for quite some time.  She also told me she was very angry and although she didn’t look angry, she was boiling on the inside.

I took this photo of her, perhaps not the best I’ve ever taken, but the message is there.  She’s a broiges dyke.  If you want to know the story, ask her.  She’ll tell you.

Alex, the broiges dyke
Alex, the broiges dyke

[Broiges is the Yiddish word for angry]