Australian Jewish community leadership abandons concern for persecution of gays

If a gross human rights abuse is not about anti-Semitism it would seem the leadership of the Australian Jewish community just doesn’t care.

In Australia the Jewish community leadership has abandoned concern for persecution of gays.  It does not show it cares about persecution of minority groups around the world, only demonstrating interest in its pet topic of anti-Semitism.

An increasing number of regimes such as Russia and Uganda are persecuting homosexual people and the Jewish community basks in its own self-importance, issues platitudes about how much it must speak out against such terrors, says Never Again and then buries its head in the sand saying la-la-la-la.

Take this fine message from the immediate past president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (and current Chair of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission) John Searle:

It is up to us to play our part in ensuring that another holocaust never occurs. Be it attacks against Jews, blacks, homosexuals or political rivals, we must be ever vigilant in bringing the message to the world – never again! We must educate our children; help them to understand that we cannot turn a blind eye, not to racism, not to stereotyping, not to suffering, not to prejudice of any form, not ever. We must send the message, that racism and prejudice in all its evil forms will not be tolerated.

Sounds good.  And yet, computer says no.  Silence is all we get.  Just silence.

3 thoughts on “Australian Jewish community leadership abandons concern for persecution of gays”

  1. I agree with you, a pervasive silence is spread all over the world ,no protestations against the pernicious laws against gays in Russia & Uganda & other countries. Silence allows for judicial murder in these countries. It is a sad time, one can see a repeat of the Hitler years.

  2. India is now on that list of homophobic governments. Thanks for keeping your corner of the globe aware of how egregious are these hateful laws. Majority of folks on this planet still don’t see anti-gay attitudes as another form of bigotry…and a violent form at that.

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