Rabbi Yehuda Levin urges chemical castration of Ultra-Orthodox Jews to kurb escalating kosher food prices

Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, leading expert on castration, buggery, sodomy, fornication and bestiality

Hot on the wisdom of Rabbi Yehuda Levin’s suggestion that chemical castration is an effective remedy to the problem of having homosexual urges, he’s realised that the problem of escalating kosher food prices can be countered by chemically castrating religious Jews after their second child.

Levin claims the benefit of this therapy is twofold.  Firstly, the family size is kept to that which can sustain the burdensome cost of the kosher food bill.  Research has shown that most Ultra-Orthodox Jewish families having three or more children are financially stressed, primarily due to the kosher food bill.

The additional benefit that Levin explains is that the poor balabatishe housewife is given a break from the burden of being shtooped crazy.  He admits that families of 8-15 are not uncommon in frum communities and in those situations, the typical mother suffers from the complications of looseness and prolapse, the former due to the large shmechel she has to sustain on a daily basis, and the latter, due to the frequency at which she has to give birth.

However, Levin has realised that should there be a legitimate medical reason not to chemically castrate the husband, his recommendation to mitigate the risk of an unwanted pregnancy is to engage in the practice of the “tuches shtoop“, saying that it’s satisfying for both the husband and the wife, it’s halachically approved and there’s zero chance of an unwanted pregnancy, boruch hashem.

One Response to Rabbi Yehuda Levin urges chemical castration of Ultra-Orthodox Jews to kurb escalating kosher food prices

  1. Jim says:

    People like this Rabbi are dangerous to society as a whole. A Jewish Hate monger of all things. Perhaps he should be the first to step up and be chemically castrated, and striped of all his liberties. This guy does nothing but give the Jewish community another black eye and give fuel to those that already despise Jews as a whole. A “Rabbi” is suppose to be a teacher. and this guy only teaches hate.


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