A peace of pride

Channel 31’s Jewish television show “The Shtick” came to the 2011 Pride March and caught me for a brief interview before the march.

Channel 31 TV’s Jewish show The Shtick was at the Melbourne Pride March on February 6 2011.  Henry Greener and his team spent a few moments talking to me in the marshalling area by Lakeside Drive just before the march.  They then made their way toward the end of Fitzroy Street to capture the colour and excitement of the parade.

2 thoughts on “A peace of pride”

  1. How interesting that the sky did not fall in when the Shtick video’d the parade.

  2. Happy Easter, Mikey!

    I marched with Amnesty at Pride March 2010, but I couldn’t make it to Victorian Pride March 2011 because my returning flight only arrived in Melbourne in the afternoon that day. I’m glad you posted this video so I can see what it was like.

    Btw, Check out my blog to see my Top 5 Gayest Rabbit Characters.

    Happy Easter Holiday!

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