Why is Ilana Leeds obsessed with Bestiality?

Ilana Leeds enjoys bringing bestiality into the conversation.  What is her obsession with the topic?  Clearly it is a viewpoint endorsed by the AJN Watch web site that publishes her bigoted, hateful and bullying opinions unchallenged.

Ilana said…
B’H No one is judging. On a deeper level, we have to look at homosexuality as equated with bestiality and understand that both activities require the individual to submit to baser instinctive behaviours on one level that requires much effort to control. If we support marches for ‘gay rights’ and support a gay lifestyle, then why are we not marching to support child sex offenders because surely they are ‘just one of many variations of HUMAN sexuality’? Child sex offenders will use that argument to negate criticism of their behaviour to and say that they were merely ‘helping children to express their inner sexual desires’. I know that people like Mikeybear who runs Aleph have great issues with my views on the subject and I want to get away from the personal aspect of it, because there are many worthwhile and gentle sensitive gay people who contribute to society in many very worthwhile ways. However, I for one am not going to support a gay lifestyle and I certainly will not march in favour of sexual behaviour and lifestyle that I disagree with. If I had two people going for a job and both were equally qualified and one was gay, would I hesitate to hire a gay person, definitely not. Would I go to a gay nightclub (despite the fact that I do not hang out at night clubs and never have seen it as a desirable activity), definitely not, but would I stop a gay person coming to a function I (for arguments sake held) definitely not, but I would require a certain code of conduct. Am I in favour of sending my son to a Jewish Youth Group that supports same sex marriage – definitely not, because those sorts of values are not what I want for my son. I had a similar answer to someone who suggested that I remove my son from a school and send him the Caulfield Community School because they believe he has ‘behaviour issues. Now, the Caulfield Community School may be very worthwhile for the sons and daughters of XXXX (removed by blogmaster) and if I wanted my son to become like those poor little blighters and for him to get an education in the social mores of fringe dwellers, I certainly would see that as an option, but I do not. It would be the beginning of the end of him and corrupt him, Now when we choose a youth group, we want certain values to be supported and espoused. I have not come across anywhere in Jewish literature that homosexuality is a Jewish value, although people will argue that David and Jonathan had a homosexual relationship. I believe that had a deep relationship that was purely spiritual in its essence and love. I think it is very hard for us in these days, when we are so connected to the material and physical world, to conceptualise a love or a relationship that is on a purely spiritual level without physical or sexual expression. I can understand how a mother’s love for her child may entitle her to go beyond condemnation of socially unacceptable sexual behaviour and she may endeavour to ask for acceptance of her child and indeed support from the wider community for her child’s sexuality. However, while the wider community can accept her child as who he or she is, we should avoid accepting his or her deviant sexual behaviour as the norm and indeed we should avoid supporting it as the norm.

Friday, December 17, 2010 10:06:00 AM

4 thoughts on “Why is Ilana Leeds obsessed with Bestiality?”

  1. Homosexuality is an issue that seems to obsess some individuals, particularly some who start posts with b’h which I assume stands for the BaHa’i religion.
    What these bigots, homophobes and Jews who forget the holocaust and the Jews killed by Hitler, Stalin and other dictators over several decades of the 20th century are unable to understand is that the persecuted are now the persecutors.
    What Israelis are doing to Palestinians in Israeli-occupied Palestine is an ongoing example of the persecuted becoming the persecutors and behaving in the same bullying way.
    These so-called Jews living in Australia – and indeed everywhere else in the world – should try and read a book – if they are capable of reading material which is not to their ways of thinking – called “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli professor.
    One is left wondering at the end of it how many of those professing to be Jews actually ARE Jews and what being Jewish actually means to them.
    This sort of homophobic hate amongst Melbourne’s Jews is not how I was brought up by my Jewish family in South Africa. My ancestors came from diverse countries such as Lithuania, East Prussia, the UK, South Africa and Australia, and they were generous, compassionate, understanding and loving human beings.
    All I read and hear from those in Melbourne who post on blogs by spitting out venomous hate and homophobic intolerance is opposite to the Judaism I have seen during my 84 years of life.
    As an atheist I do not understand how people who preach this hatred can swallow all the bigotry written into religious books by ignorant uneducated people a few thousand years ago. People who accept this superstitious nonsense in the 21st century should attend re-education courses and understand life as it is now, not as it might have been six thousand years ago.
    Mannie De Saxe, Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, Melbourne

  2. Ilana

    i would just like to remind u that gays and pedophiles are two very different people in fact gay people are just like everyone else just because they have a different sexual preference to you you feel you can verbally attack them well guess what missy you cant i find your comments very stupid and very narrow minded but i guess there are people out there with stupid views like your own i just hope you come to your senses and see that what you are saying can and is having a detrimental affect on young gay men and you know what i BLAME you.

    thanks James

    merry Christmas
    (PS many families will not get to spend Christmas with their loved ones because your comments have caused them to do unspeakable things to them selves) so i hope while you are sitting around your dinner table on the 25Th i hope you think about all the people that you have affected.
    Mikeybear i hope this doesn’t offend u in anyway if so please feel free to remove it i just needed to vent after i looked at what she had said.

  3. Please use a few paragraphs to separate your main ideas Ilana. Some very big associations are made, I had to stop reading, too many discriminations. Yes Illana! Ditto. Why are we not marching for sex offenders”? this is repulsive ignorant writing with no moral compass, that makes no distinction of legal responsibilities like capacity, informed consent and many considerations in sexual relations including complaints of discrimination in employment, I bet the big boobed secretarial personal assistants pool has no short haired lesbians either.

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