Hit Labor in the hip pocket with your vote


Read the following sage advice from Rod Swift.  On top of this, I would encourage you to vote [1] Secular Party in the Senate and also if there’s a candidate in your seat.


Remember that every time you place a 1 in a box marked GREEN or Australian Sex Party, they get $2.31 of your taxpayer money.

Labor deserves to be financially punished for taking us for granted.

A vote for ANY minor party is not a wasted vote if they poll 4% — they get electoral funding. Funding that Labor will NOT get.

Come on, GLBTI Australians. You can give up to $4.62 to a minor party of your choice. Every 10 voters that change their vote to a minor deprives Labor of $46.

Every 1000 deprives them of $4,600.

Enjoy tomorrow. I think it’s time to hit Labor in the hip pocket.

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