Global Atheist Convention 2010

A look back at the inaugural Global Atheist Convention, March 12-14 2010

I attended the inaugural Global Atheist Convention in 2010.  It was an exhilarating weekend packed with some of the finest speakers from Australia and around the world.  There were so many highlights for me, although perhaps the biggest highlight was getting to meet a long-standing idol Robyn Williams, and more recent source of inspiration, PZ Myers.

PZ Myers, Mikey Bear and Robyn Williams at 2010 Global Atheist Convention Gala Dinner

Please enjoy my collection of photographs from the weekend of March 12-14 2010.  I’ve posted them to Google Photos (formerly Picasa) and Facebook.  I invite your comments.

Stand tuned for the photographs from the second Global Atheist Convention, this coming weekend, April 13-15 2012.

Lastly, recapture some of the excitement from 2010 through the eyes of the Bruce Llama.

5 thoughts on “Global Atheist Convention 2010”

  1. It’s odd that there has been no mention of the convention on TV News.
    Not much has changed since last year’s convention. I realise that these things are a bit like gays going to a friendly gay bar, it’s wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people, but I think it’s time atheists accepted that the vast majority need to believe in a god who’s looking after things, so rather than spend all that effort on trying to convince those who refuse to be convinced that there’s no god etc, we should put all our energy into creating a secular state with none of the perks now existing for religions such as tax-free multi billion dollar profits on their corporate activities. Nor would a secular state give assistance to religious schools…and so on.

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