Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010: Submisson receipt

The Senate has written to advise formal receipt of my submission to their inquiry.

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11 April 2012

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Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your submission to the above inquiry, and to advise that the committee has released it as a public document and numbered it as Submission No. a939. Any personal details, such as addresses and phone numbers, have been removed from your submission. Names have also been withheld where this has been requested. You are now free to circulate your submission to other parties should you wish to do so.

Documents provided to Senate committees become committee documents upon receipt, and it is the prerogative of the relevant committee to determine whether and how it will accept and publish such documents. In this inquiry, the committee will not be publishing on its website every submission received from individuals. That is because the committee is anticipating thousands of submissions and form/standard letters from individuals, and it is not physically possible for all of them to be published on the website due to staffing and resource limitations. As time and resources permit, the committee will publish a selection of individual submissions, representing a broad range of views that are indicative of the types of submissions that have been received by the committee. An equal number of individual submissions supporting and opposing the bill will be published.

All submissions received will be provided to members of the committee during the course of the inquiry for their consideration. At the conclusion of the committee’s inquiry, public submissions will be tabled in the Senate chamber as public documents.

Your submission is protected by parliamentary privilege. Parliamentary privilege refers to the special rights and immunities attached to the Parliament which are necessary for the discharge of parliamentary functions. This means that you cannot be prosecuted or disadvantaged because of anything you have provided in evidence, or because you gave such evidence.

Yours sincerely

Committee Secretary

2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010: Submisson receipt”

  1. I take it from your bolding of the phrase about publication that you’re concerned about a false perception of balance in the submissions, say if they’re actually 10:1 in favour, but the bugnuts still get equal air time?

    1. Christopher, the bolding was not added by me. I checked the HTML source of the email I received and the HTML tags show that they added the emphasis.

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