Men on Men Art Competition 2011 at the Laird Hotel

Jun 10, 2011

This year’s “Men on Men” Art Competition at the Laird Hotel in Melbourne is well worth the visit.  You’ll find a really wide range of art styles and techniques on display, and an equally diverse range of masculinity being portrayed.  There’s definitely an abundance of talent on offer.

I was particularly taken by the larger-than-life scruffy lad overlooking the pool table (and a veritable steal for only $600).  Oh, and there’s an extremely clever entry that takes you on quite a journey around Melbourne’s metropolitan rail network (the ticket for this will cost you $450).  No guarantees you’ll still have your virginity after you’ve gone that route.

My entry into the competition this year is of a very handsome, somewhat scruffy, bearish guy.  You’ll find him well hung in the games room, over the pinball machines.  If you can’t get there, stay tuned and I’ll post my entry here after the competition closes.

Men on Men Art Competition 2011

Men on Men Art Competition 2011

Come take a look at the art, on display until June 29 at the Laird Hotel, 149 Gipps Street Abbotsford.  (Note, the Laird is generally a men-only venue, but gladly welcomes women to view the exhibition from 2-5pm on Saturday June 11.)

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