Bill Muehlenberg publishes libellous comment by David Clay calling for death of Early Childhood Australia’s staff

On March 6 2016 Bill Muehlenberg published an article attacking Early Childhood Australia under the heading “Get Your Hands Off Our Children”:

20160306 Get Your Hands Off Our Children - Bill Muehlenberg

Bill enforces a strict moderation regime on his site, only permitting comments to appear through a manual approval process.

The following comment by David Clay, time-stamped 9am March 6 2016, appeared under the article:

20160306 David Clay Bill Muehlenberg death comment

By 10:05am on March 8 2016 this comment had been removed:

A follow-up article by Bill Muehlenberg attacking Early Childhood Australia has since appeared under the heading The Sexual Anarchists Targeting Our Children.

Will Bill allow more calls for the death of innocent citizens?

2 Responses to Bill Muehlenberg publishes libellous comment by David Clay calling for death of Early Childhood Australia’s staff

  1. Julia says:

    For a long period of time Mr. Muehlenberg and his followers have posted a number of regarding the LGBT community that are bigoted and hateful at worst and deceptive, misleading, poorly constructed, confusing and outright false at best. His website culture watch is a cesspool of hyperbolic rantings and conservative buzzwords and phrases but devoid of any actual substance. I’m grateful that blogs like yours exists to call him out for his rhetoric against the LGBT community.

    I’m rather hoping that this posting will finally catch him out. The post clearly references the organisation as being pedophiles, which should be enough to mount a defamation action against him. The reference to “early childhood Australia” in the post is probably a narrow enough class for the statement to be defamatory against the staff and management of the organisations as persons. Do you know if anyone from the organisation is considering such proceedings.

    That being said I’m not across the full details of this story. What are the comments posted in relation to.


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