“Ask me once again” – Qwerty Girls

Katy and AleatheaWe are the QWERTY girls. We are partners in life as well as in music.

We would love you to hear our wedding song “Ask Me Once Again”. This song tells the story of how we fell in love. Despite the current laws against gay marriage, we hold out hope we’ll play this song at our wedding one day.

YouTube video:

About the QWERTY girls
The QWERTY girls are:

Aleathea Monsour (singer/composer)
Katy Forde (lyricist).

We live in a beautiful hinterland town in Queensland, Australia. We’ve been together for over a decade, and love each other deeply. We’ve written this song for our wedding day – even though that day might be a few years away, because of the laws in Australia!

About the song
Song name: Ask Me Once Again
Performer: Aleathea Monsour
Songwriters: Aleathea Monsour and Katy Forde
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ask-me-once-again-single/id911601483?uo=4

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