The dichotomy of the Jewish leadership when it comes to Hitler and homophobia

The Jewish community is intolerant of hate perpetrated against it but not by it. Why this dichotomy of attitude?

A guaranteed way to find out if the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and the Anti-Defamation Commission are still in business is to report a rogue Hitler reference to them and measure how many milliseconds it takes for them to issue a media release and demand an apology by the perpetrator.  Take for example this recent example involving Macquarie Bank.

Yet these very organisations have moral constipation when rabbis from their community, such as Chaim Ingram or Shimon Cowen, to name two of the more obnoxious, say that gays should consider taking their lives for being homosexual, or make claims that we can be cured of our homosexuality, as if it’s an illness.

Imagine for one minute if a Muslim or Christian cleric were to say that Jews should consider taking their lives for their religious beliefs or because their way of life was considered an illness.  It has been proven by their past actions that the ECAJ and the ADC, along with other organisations such as the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and every other Jewish organisation in the country would be screaming livid.   Yet stunned silence when it comes to these anti-gay statements by Jewish “leaders”.

I hold in complete contempt every single person and organisation complicit in the silence that is being perpetrated when these vile rabbis are not howled down.  Why are people so scared to speak out against these perpetrators of hate?  What illness has affected this community when they are more outraged at statements of hate and intolerance against them than those from their midst?

4 thoughts on “The dichotomy of the Jewish leadership when it comes to Hitler and homophobia”

  1. I hold in similar contempt, every Christian leader who doesn’t express outrage at the vile comments of other christian leaders that are a direct cause of vilification, abuse and murder of gays… For that reason I reject Christianity [into which I was born] and describe myself as a ‘freethinker’. You are clearly a freethinker in many regards, why do you cling to your religion? Isn’t it time to say you aren’t a Jew, you’re an independent thinker?

    1. For some time now I have distanced myself from religious belief as I can claim a god exists as much as I can any other fictional character or “make believe” concept. In the absence of proof of a god I cannot justify it as anything real.

      I do not use labels to describe myself as they have a tendency to be divisive and so as a person having been brought up as (or indoctrinated to be) Jewish by my family I no longer see any merit in associating with that identity. However I feel comfortable saying I have connection to the Jewish community.

  2. Why don’t they just ask their baby jesus/god/gods to fix the “problem”? We’ll be waiting….quite a while…

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