Bridget Dunn

Bridget & Lionel 25 Feb 2012

Bridget Dunn / Jan 31 1961 to Mar 30 2012

Dunn Bridget.
31/1/61 – 30/3/12
Dear God,
We believe that you are setting up a piggery and require the services of a person who firstly had a generous, good heart and secondly was an exceptionally abled piggery manager.
Bridget Dunn, Prima Donna of Girgarre Piggery, after battling an aggressive illness and despite giving it her best shot, is ready to commence her new role with you, effective immediately.
As Bridget’s referees we can advise you that you have selected the cream of the crop, the best. As a heads up please ensure that you have all your ducks lined up because Bridget takes no b.s. A massive void that can never be filled has been created. You are a lucky duck!
Regards from all that had the privilege of sharing Bridget’s life and loved Bridget for who she was. We will miss her dearly.

One Response to Bridget Dunn

  1. Kathryn Crowther says:

    Bridget was my wonderful darling daughter, who constantly made me proud. She was also my best friend. I am lost without her as is her loving stepfather Robert. We feel she has gone to join her darling little brother Hamish. If we don’t believe that we have nothing.


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