Once upon a time, in 1984 …

Just like a fairy-tale, once upon a time (in 1984) Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said she’d fight for homosexual rights.  But with the power of the big job going to her head, she decided equality for gays was a bad, bad thing, and changed her tune.  Perhaps she’d even forgotten about the old days, the idealistic, head-rushing days of her student youth.  Will there be a happily ever after in this fairy tale?

1984 Julia Gillard's student election commitment to support homosexual rights
1984 Julia Gillard's student election commitment to support homosexual rights

5 thoughts on “Once upon a time, in 1984 …”

  1. And she DID deliver on gay rights – so many reforms achieved for the benefit of the same sex and gender diverse communities, under Labor’s watch!

    The only way marriage will happen is ALSO under Labor’s watch – sp after tomorrow’s ALP National Conference passes same-sex marriage, the public better start waking up and backing Labor as there is NO HOPE for marriage reforms under a Liberal/National Government with either Abbott or Turnbull as leader.

  2. Having been involuntarily involved in politics and as such, being disillusioned at how it works, prime minister or not, I know she’s not allowed to express her personal view. This article shows how she feels and things she did as a lawyer in the 90’s that aren’t widely publicised, prove she’s an advocate for equality. I have a feeling she’ll go about it intelligently and get it through! I hope my faith in her holds true. Going by her long-term history it should. Fingers crossed. Express her personal views and commit political suicide, achieving nothing, or play the game and get it done. I’m glad she’s playing the game and have faith she’ll get it done.

  3. Gillard is siding with the Christian right against marriage equality. She wants to keep us as second-class citizens. She wants to maintain the persecution against same-sex attracted Australians. She is clearly not encouraging action for homosexual rights. Clearly.

  4. I recall a press conference fairly recently (within a couple of years) where she practically smirked as she was saying that homosexuals should create their own ceremony instead of traditional marriage ones

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