2 thoughts on “Jews can be Jewish without Israel. Discuss.”

  1. They are all over the world Jewish. How big an Israel do they need? Before 1948 they were still who they are without an Israel. I am happy they have an Israel but how big does it need to be?

  2. Jews in other parts of the world get their identity as Jews tainted by the actions of Jews in Israel and the attrocities they committ against the Palestinians daily and for the past 70 years.
    Also, if Jews outside of Israel have any sense of humanity or justice they need to speak out about what is being done in their name in Israel against the original owners of the land. Even today land is being stolen by fanatical Orthodox Jews so as they can live their “lives of mythology”.

    Surely such acts are a blight on Jews all around the world, and if the Jewish identity is not to be corrupted again as it was during the Nazi era, Jews need to be very aware of what can happen and how they can be demonised again – it is already happening !!!!

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