What sort of people don’t take youth suicide seriously?

Jul 21, 2010

I asked the question on my Facebook profile:

What sort of people don’t take youth suicide seriously?

The responses so far:

  • Luke: people who put their own self interests ahead of the safety and well-being of vulnerable, young Australians…evil, hateful people…
  • Leigh: The Victorian labor party! We campaigned for YEARS and they were not interested! 13 young people in our tiny area (6 country towns) died in one year and they didn’t think it was a problem.
  • Jason: The church
  • Elvira: People who don’t see youth suicide as having any correlation with glbti community. People stuck in the middle ages.
  • Tony: People who don’t take GLBT youth suicide, or any youth suicide seriously have their head in the sand, and it is just an ignorant, disgusting and narrow-minded stance to take.
  • Gregory: Amazing comments Michael – good to see some people have an idea about what’s going on!

I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine where the real problem is.

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