The bitch has died, and I’ll miss him dearly

Addam Stobbs, Bitch Queen to the Melbourne gay community, dies at 3am on Wednesday June 16 2010

Addam Stobbs at the 2009 Midsumma Carnival
Addam Stobbs at the 2009 Midsumma Carnival (photo by Michael Barnett)

News just in that a person who has been a staple in the gay community for at least the past 14 years that I’ve known him has just died.  This is a shock and complete surprise.  Addam Stobbs.  Bitch to the stars.  Gone.

I loved Addam.  He was one of the nicest-to-your-face people I have ever met.  But he was a nice person.  He made me laugh.  Just listening to him talk, on the radio, on a microphone at Midsumma, in the street, on the phone, at Club 80, wherever.  He was a lovely, callous, direct person with a huge heart.

The world needs more bitches like Addam Stobbs.

I’ll miss you sweetie.


[My photos of Addam on Google Photos here and on Facebook here]

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From: DP Tex McKenzie <>
Date: 16 June 2010 15:13
Subject: [QueerNews] Vale Addam Stobbs
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Hi all – sad news.  I have just forwrded the following email around the Victorian AIDS Council and People Living With HIV/AIDS Victoria (hence the mention of Addam being a supporter of our organisations).

I have just been on the phone to the Program manager @ JOY 94.9 and have been told that Addam Stobbs passed away today.

Addam was a long time supporter of our organisations and was the host of Allegro Non Troppo on Sundays on JOY.  He was also on the board of JOY and had been a long time member.

Addam has in the past interviewed many people about HIV and same sex related issues.  The program Allegro Non Troppo is broadcast on the Community Radio Network around Australia and the programs he and his radio partner Peter presented helped to de-mystify both HIV and homosexuality to non-alphabet folk.

Earlier this year he and his partner celebrated their 9th year together.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

I imagine funeral details will be in the print media and online in the next few days.


DP Tex McKenzie
Health Educator – Outreach

11 thoughts on “The bitch has died, and I’ll miss him dearly”

  1. I’m still in total disbelief. Addam has been an incredible inspiration and the best friend and confidant anyone could ask for since my first days as his music student over 28 years ago.

    I will miss him more than words could hope to express.

    RIP my dearest Addsbabe xxxx

  2. Tonight I read that I was on Addams list of amazing people at Allegro non Troppo and was surprised.
    Addam would surely be on my list, whilst we were worlds apart in some ways we always enjoyed each others ideas and thoughts.
    Addam brought so much joy to his students who many became everlasting friends.
    I recall the passing of his partner Keith and how he handled it and got on with life.
    Addam was unique and a wonderfull person and will be missed greatly.

  3. I’m shocked and very sad at the news of Addam Stobbs death. I listened to him regularly on Allegro Non Troppo with the wonderful Peter Forty. Though on air Addam was super bitch for effect I know he was a kind good person and I will miss him very much as I’m sure many will. When I heard him on air last Sunday he was full of life and compassion for Allegro’s main guest as he told his distressing story.
    RIP Addam – I hope you’re in the most amazing SOP venue – having the best time; in your next incarnation once you ready.
    from one of your admiring but melancholy listeners. gml

  4. I am in true disbelief about your passing Mr Stobbs. You were such a huge part of my growing up, which would not of been expected when I first walked into keyboard corner in Boronia many many years ago. I hope that your soul is resting in a beautiful happy place.

  5. I too am in deep shock. Addam interviewed me on 9 May 2010 and said some of the kindest things to me that anyone could say – I was flattered and embarrassed – was that really me??
    Our deepest sympathy to his partner, his family and all his friends, who are as shocked as we are!
    Mannie De Saxe

  6. I have known Addam since I was 6 years old.
    He has been an important person in helping me become who I am today.
    He has been there for me, always with a willing ear. Willing to lend a hand where he could, offer support and advice and guidance.
    He has impacted my life greatly and for that I will never forget him.
    a wonderful man, a wonderful memory.
    farewell dear friend. x

  7. I cannot believe that Addam is no longer with us, well at least bodily with us.. He will live on in our hearts and remembrances of him. He could be ascerbic, if he wanted to, did not suffer fools gladly, but was a kind, good person with a truly compassionate heart. I feel so honoured to be named on his list of amazing people, and even more honoured to have been involved in the celebration to mark his 9 years with Yoda.If I compiled a list of amazing and most admirable people Addam would be up at the top.
    To Yoda I send my deep and most sincere sympathy.
    I will miss knowing that Addam’s not still around and will find it extremely difficult to remember him
    in the past tense.
    I send sympathy also to his on air partner Peter.You will surely miss him deeply.
    Rest in peace, dear friend.
    Love Nan

  8. Thanks Michael for the tribute to Addam Stobbs. I loved listening weekly to allegro……I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. I was fearful that he would be poached by a commercial station but he assured me that this would never happen as he felt so passionately about community radio. A massive loss to our community……a dear man, Brendan.

  9. I was deeply saddened to read of Addam’s death as he’d been a good friend for many years. I first met Addam in 1982, just before I moved to Sydney. However living in different cities was no barrier; I was often in Melbourne and on many holidays, he stayed at my place while he terrorised Sydney and its sons.

    The Addam I knew was a caring and compassionate man, though often hidden behind a caustic public persona. As friends, we supported each other in the tough times and shared the good ones. Addam devoted countless hours and effort to his many passions: his music students, gay organisations like Midsumma, counselling, community radio and Joy, plus many more.

    Addam often remarked that he’d had a great life: a loving family and partners, many friends, varied interests that he was passionate about. Like each of us, he had his faults yet his legacy to me was his joy of life, his ability to recover from setbacks and live in the present. You made a difference to many of us, Addam, and we’re enriched by your presence in our lives.


  10. Kudos to the heading. There was a moment at the memorial I thought a bitchy line, I’m sure we all did. Like “Finally, the bitch is dead” or “Just burn the bitch already”.

    A fitting, loving memory of his “on stage” sense of slapstick humour.

    I will always love Addam. Being lucky to have he and Peter continue on radio emant to me (many of us) he was always with us and the friendship from many years ago continued. He was a dearly loved friend I hadn’t caught up with in person with for a long time, perhaps because, perhaps disasterously, there was still a one-way communication happening.

    He never left my life and was always an inspiration when times got tough. You know who stood up in a terribly difficult situation in my mind before I did?

    Actually, the bitch WILL live on. TYhank goodness for that. A life well lived.

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