Some inside goss into why the JCCV set up the GLBT reference group

To help you get some clarity into why the JCCV suddenly and mysteriously decided to start talking to the GLBT Jews, it might help to understand some background.

This email arrived out of the blue:

From: Geoffrey Zygier <geoffrey.zygier @>
Date: 9 November 2009 13:06
Subject: proposed meeting
To: Michael Barnett <>


John Searle would like to meet with you and the members of Aleph as soon as feasible.  When could this be arranged please?


Geoffrey Zygier I  Executive Director  I  Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV)
306 Hawthorn Road Caulfield South 3162 Australia
03 9272 5579  I  0413 731 545

Coincidentally this email arrived shortly after I’d been corresponding with people in the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) about the JCCV’s lack of response to the intolerance of homosexuality in the Victorian Jewish community, especially in light of the Tel Aviv gay massacre and the vile AJN Watch‘s assault on homosexual people.  I had heard first hand from a VMC Commissioner that the VMC had cautioned the JCCV they would stop future funding to the JCCV if they were not seen to be inclusive of GLBT Jews.

The VMC threaten to pull future JCCV funding one day and the next day the JCCV sets up a GLBT Reference Group.  How cosy.

The JCCV’s motto is “The Voice of Victorian Jewry”.  At the head of this “voice” is a very loud mouth.  Don’t believe for a moment you are getting the full story when you read what the loud mouth has to say.  He needs to keep good with the orthodox bloc that represents the power base of his organisation.  If he says one teensy weensy widdle bad word about their (and his) intolerant fundamental dogmatic beliefs, he loses any remaining shred of credibility he may have and would be as welcome as roast pork at a barmitzvah.

So there you have it.  The JCCV are using homosexuals to secure future government funding.  They have done this by setting up a reference group as a token gesture to look into why we are so suicidal and miserable, but aren’t prepared to shake the tree and take on the real issue of orthodox Jewish hate and intolerance.

You will know the JCCV and it’s president are being genuine when they admit publicly there is a problem with the orthodox Jewish attitude to homosexuality.  Until such time, they will remain the laughing stock of the Jewish community and a deep embarrassment to humanity.

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  1. Hey! – watch your language! Not all of us are “suicidal and miserable” as you say in para 4 – I’m combative and content that we are in Oz to deal with probs we couldn’t have dealt with in Russia and Poland (if my grandparents hadn’t been able to leave). But in Queensland I’ve noticed a recent rise in social/dinner party anti-semitism, particularly from Australian Irish Catholics. Why can’t the race that gave the world Hollywood develop better PR and get the truth out?

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