JCCV’s John Searle – a man with questionable leadership ability


Dear John,

Why are you not prepared to accept that the orthodox Jewish intolerance of homosexuality is the prime contributing factor to the ongoing misery, mental health issues and suicide of same-sex attracted youth in the Jewish community?

You have set up a GLBT reference group to investigate issues that affect Jewish GLBT people yet you are not prepared to accept that the problem originates from religious intolerance and bigotry.

I suggest you are doing this for kudos, media coverage and to keep the issue under your control because if you were genuinely concerned, you would not ignore me and you would engage people with expertise from outside the Jewish community. Yet you continue to ignore me because I have asked questions that you are scared to answer. You will not admit publicly that there are diverging Jewish views on homosexuality and that there are significant sections of the Jewish community (eg Progressive) that actually acknowledge homosexuality as normal and acceptable. You state that the orthodox Jewish view on homosexuality is the only legitimate perspective. That is offensive, supremacist, and shameful.

Your arrogance is supreme and I am ashamed that you are the head of the organisation that claims to represent the Victorian Jewish community.

Personally I am disgusted by the JCCV’s wanton and reckless approach to the lives of the most vulnerable people in the Jewish community. Let’s just hope your children don’t end up dead as victims of this pathetic situation. Do you really care about their welfare?

Prove that you are a leader for a change.

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