Can you teach an old dog a new whistle?

Mar 31, 2011

Julia Gillard came under attack recently by protesters who felt it was acceptable to call her a bitch.  There are some who believe it’s not appropriate to use this sort of language in politics.

Tony Abbott standing in front of Julia bitch banner

Juliar .... Bob Brown's Bitch

Our unmarried, female atheist Prime Minister, in a relationship with a man, doesn’t believe gays and lesbians should get married.

On gay marriage, Ms Gillard said: “I do find myself on the conservative side in this question.”

That’s like making the blacks sit at the back of the bus, Julia.

As long as Julia Gillard keeps treating those of us in same-sex relationships as second-class citizens, in a government-sanctioned sexual apartheid, I don’t believe she deserves an iota of sympathy or any defence when people hurl abuse at her.  I’d go as far as to say she actually deserves it, and not at all because she’s a woman, but simply because she endorses discrimination.


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