Christianity vs. LGBTI, an unnecessary war

Feb 26, 2016

“This is not a suffering competition for martyrs, it’s a legislative process taking place in a secular nation.” THE Turnbull government has no firm plans for a public vote on marriage e…

Source: Christianity vs. LGBTI, an unnecessary war

MikeyBear: 1. Lyle Shelton: 0.

Feb 21, 2016

Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (a gay hate group) regularly tells the world gays are not good enough to get married (mainly because he thinks it will make people think he’s gay).  He also tells the world children of gay parents are neglected.  He also thinks homosexuality is wrong.  He has no intelligent justification for these bigoted perspectives.

I find that message exceedingly foul.

Now when someone sends Lyle a message that he thinks is foul he sticks his fingers in his ears and says “la la la la… I can’t hear you… la la la la…”.

Mikeybear: 1.  Lyle Shelton: 0.

Lyle Shelton blocks me on Twitter

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