Blow Up The Homophobes

Two days ago I wrote a letter to Senator Nick Xenophon asking him to vote in support of the Marriage Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2012.  Yesterday Senator Xenophon announced his support for the bill and today he voted in support of it.

In a rather bleak two days where two Federal Marriage Equality bills were voted down, Senator Xenophon’s support of marriage equality was one glimmer of hope and sunshine.  Thank you Nick Xenophon.

One Response to Blow Up The Homophobes

  1. Fred says:

    I am amazed at the low mental capacity of our politicians. Corry was an example in question with his unresearched speech. It appears we are ruled as a secular state by bigoted church & religious influences. An example in Sydney’s savage, intimidating, primitive
    religious influenced protest. A new aggressive, coercing type of migrant who flout Australian law & democracy is settling . Yet, law makers can’t find a way to allow a segment of the population (LGBT) the rights everyone else has to marry in an assuming enlightening era. The only right these people have is to pay taxes,
    vote and fight for this country & die. The question is why??
    What happened to Australian fairness, justice & pursuit of happiness does it belong to the new aggressive migrant ?????


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