Michael Danby MP, a two-faced abstainer

Ah, Michael Danby.  Only interested in grubbing for votes from the Jewish community, but fuck the rest of his electorate.  Peasant.

From a friend this week (Dec 13):

I called Michael Danby’s office this morning and was told that he “abstained” from the marriage equality vote on 19 September.  I think the woman I spoke to then realised that she’d said too much and put me through to a professional PR person, who told me to put all my questions in writing, blah, blah, blah.

So at least we have an answer; he chose to “abstain”.  I didn’t even know you could abstain in the parliamentary system.  Maybe abstaining means just putting up your hand to go to the bathroom …

Most ironic of all is that he chose to “abstain” on marriage equality and then created headlines yesterday for his vicious attack against Bob Carr for abstaining on the Palestine vote.

Correct, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Danby attacking Carr for having abstained:

Mr Danby described Senator Carr’s actions over the UN vote last month – and Australia’s ultimate decision to abstain –  as ‘‘unforgivable behaviour for any minister in any cabinet government.’’

I wish Danby would just say that he doesn’t give a rats arse about gays, that they can go to hell and that his political career, fueled by the Jewish vote, is the only thing important to his overgrown ego.

Danby, I’d tell you to kiss my hairy arse, but that’s a pleasure saved for my partner.

3 Responses to Michael Danby MP, a two-faced abstainer

  1. Considering his electorate has one of the highest concentrations of LGBT voters, I couldn’t believe his abstention on the marriage vote didn’t garner more publicity in the local press. Hopefully the LGBT community in his electorate will remember his abstention and cast their ballot accordingly at next year’s federal election.


  2. Phil Browne says:

    These MPs who do not support us need to be exposed. People need to remember this when they vote in 2013. Well done in making this known.
    My MP in Brisbane voted against marriage equality and I too made this publicly known http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/wp/2012/12/12/advocate-confronts-mp-over-marriage-equality/ and will be reminding everyone of this prior to voting.


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